Jun 18, 2020 | VOCABULARY

As much as I seek to teach myself about global issues, pressing problems in my homeland are of equal significance.

This week, I would like to draw your attention to Mekong Delta – our nation’s most fertile region, rice granary and aquaculture hub – which has been plagued by unprecedented drought and historic salinity since the beginning of this year.

The paddy fields, once lush and green, are now reduced to what seems like straw. All the water channels in the area are empty, and farmers cannot fetch any water from those connected with the Hau River since they have become too salty. According to the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting, salinity has surged to up to four grams per liter 40-90 kilometers inland in all branches of the Mekong River in the delta.

All 12 cities and provinces in the Mekong region have fallen victim to seawater intrusion and already declared emergency drought states after salinity levels in rivers had surpassed the 2016 record levels. Canals and ponds have also run dry, giving rise to a severe water shortage for tens of thousands of hectares of crops.

There should not be any exhaustive list of the vocabulary related to this topic, but below are the words you are very likely to encounter while reading newspapers. In case you need some explanations, I hope this post serves you well.

I promise to return next week with more information on the issue, including background, causes, effects, and solutions. So stay tuned!

Photo credits: VnExpress International


VnExpress International





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