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Even if you don’t care much about sports, you’re probably aware that the Tokyo Olympics 2020 are finally happening in Japan, a whole year after they were meant to take place!

People are watching and rooting for the best athletes who train for years to give their all and deliver the performance of a lifetime – often within a few seconds.

To get you into the Olympic spirit and the emotions that come with it, I’ve pulled together 10 little-known facts about the Olympic Games that you may blow your mind.

So while waiting for another athletic record to be broken, let’s get to know more about the gathering of nations. 

What is your favorite fact?

Photo credits: Columbia Tribune, Eurosport, Manchester Historian, Manhattan Gold & Silver, PNG Wing, Radio Times, Telegraph, USA Today, USC Dornsife


9 facts about the Olympic Games past and present

10 facts about the Olympics

10 surprising facts about the Olympics

14 cool facts about the Olympics that you might not know

20 fun facts about the Olympics

20 Olympic fun facts

24 facts about the Olympics that will blow your mind

Fun facts about the Olympics

Top ten facts about the ancient Olympic Games

The real story of the ancient Olympic Games

Why are the Olympic Games held every four years?


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