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I am a human being passionate about awakening the great spirits in people and empowering them to reach their full potential through education. My story of how and why I became a teacher of English began at the age of 25 when I was working at an elite banking firm – a job that was loads of people’s dreams.

Yet, I could not say I had ever developed a passion for banking. I knew back then I was making a difference at my job, but I also knew it was not where I wanted to be long-term. Ever since graduating from college, I had been seeking for the best way I could make a positive impact in the world as a professional. Though I liked the work I was doing, something inside of me did not feel quite fulfilled. I yearned for a more profound and direct impact on people whose lives I touch and change, but changing careers felt daunting.

Later, a conversation with my mentor opened me a deeper contemplation of my life purpose and a clearer evaluation of what was important. Anchored by my resolve to find myself, I revisited my childhood, recalling what I ever loved to do, what I was doing when I felt most beautiful, what delighted me and happily occupied me. It suddenly dawned on me that it was English that was not only what drew me in, but also what made me shine. I called it my career clarity moment.

Through this experience, I developed a sense of self-consciousness, enlightenment, and resilience that I never knew I could have to forge a path and to create a life I wanted.

I am currently living in Ho Chi Minh City, but have always taken pride in being native to Phu Yen Province. Reading, yoga, violin, matcha, and early mornings are my interests.

Should you want to contact me regarding English learning or related matters, please drop me a message at phanvuuyentrang.edu@gmail.com.


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