From my dear students

There are a couple of reasons why I create this album.

For the most part, I would like to manifest my heartfelt gratitude to the youngsters who put their faith and trust in me to give them what they need to learn. I have learned from them as much as they have allowed me to teach them. Thanks to them, every hour of me in the classroom is well spent. I have been living, not just existing. Receiving compliments has never been my ultimate purpose. I just deliver my best, and fortunately enough, I win so much love in return. 

What is more, not all 365 days are supposed to be heyday. So I hope whenever I am feeling blue, these delightful notes will empower me to be inspired back again and strive forward.

Thank you, students! I am better because of you.

Teacher’s Award

I was named as The Most Beloved Teacher at YOLA in 2019. This is an incredibly huge honor for a novice teacher who had roughly a year of seniority.

To all the people who’ve emboldened me to embrace this noble profession since day one and the students I’ve had the chance to teach, I’d like to dedicate this award to you. This is for you. This is because of you. I wouldn’t want to be here without you. So thank you immensely from the bottom of my heart!

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