Genetically Modified Food

Sep 3, 2020 | IDEAS

Today’s post is dedicated to a topic that I have found thought-provoking, though it’s not a brand-new field of study.

Genetically modified food (GM food) is one of the various applications of biotechnology, with its production as well as marketing having prompted debates in many parts of the world. While there is a scientific consensus that GM food poses no more health risks than conventional food, the public have expressed their ongoing concerns regarding benefits, safety issues, environmental impact, and regulations.

Regardless of the dynamics of the debate on GM food, I would take a neutral stance. Rather than blanket opposition due to a certain number of valid worries, I believe it would help spending some time learning about how genetic engineering works and the benefits it can offer now as well as in the future when climate change and population growth might take a greater toll on food supplies.

Please kindly click here to download the pdf version of the mindmap if you want to save this for future reference.


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