9 words about: Russia-Ukraine War

Mar 12, 2022 | VOCABULARY

You’ve probably heard about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine via mainstream media over the last couple of weeks.

Though I’m still trying to make sense of what’s been happening, I strongly believe violence or gunfire should have never taken place regardless. The world has enough problems and hardly wants to see fierce fighting and tragic loss. Do we really have to resort to shooting while we can resolve conflicts over peace talks?

I stand with Ukraine and my ultimate concern is for the safety of the people in that region. I feel for all the innocent people who have been afflicted by the imbroglio, especially the infants whose first things they witness in life are war, horror, and unrest.

My purpose of this post is simple: to encourage you to express empathy for the civilians in Ukraine. Let’s spend a few moments praying for those who are suffering in this humanitarian crisis.

Like all of us, they deserve to leave in peace.

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Photo credits: Feed My People, Freepik, Graham Baird, Macmillan Dictionary, Newnpr, Ready, United Nations Support Mission in Lybia, Verywell Health


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