IELTS Reading: Diagram Labeling

Apr 16, 2020 | IELTS READING


Source: Cambridge IELTS 11, Test 1 – Reading, Passage 2, Questions 20 – 26

Strategies & Tips:

  1. Read the instruction => check the word limit
  2. Look at the diagram to see what it is about in general => main idea
  3. Notice the title/ heading of the diagram and the labels that are provided.
  4. Predict what kind of information is needed to fill the gap (words or numbers, noun/ verb/ adj, etc)
  5. Scan the title to locate the chunks of text
  6. Scan to find the sentences that contain the provided labels/ their synonyms/ paraphrases
  7. The answers may not always follow the order of the passage.


  • Take words directly and exactly from the text. Don’t change the word form whatsoever.
  • Double check your spelling
  • Make sure that your answers are grammatically correct AND meet the word limit.



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