IELTS Reading: Flow-Chart Completion

Apr 16, 2020 | IELTS READING


Source: Cambridge IELTS 9, Test 1 – Reading, Passage 3, Questions 34 – 39


  1. Read the instruction -> word limit
  2. Skim the chart -> what it is about (main idea)
  3. Underline key words -> predict answers with relation to the stages
  4. Scan for key words from the text -> compare to find answers
  5. Double check -> if the chart is grammatical and meaningful


  • Check if the Flow-chart has a title/ heading. If yes, the chart summarizes ideas of certain paragraphs in the passage and you need to locate them. Otherwise, you have to scan the whole text for the answers.
  • Key words around the gaps are usually paraphrased in the text => think of paraphrases/ synonyms of those key words & scan for those in the text
  • The answers often follow the order of the passage.


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