Glossary: Leafy greens

Oct 22, 2021 | VOCABULARY

If you’re a fan of green veggies or on the way to adopting a healthy diet, then this post is for you. Vegetables, combined with a balanced eating regimen, can do wonders for your health.

Today I’m sharing with you the names of the most common leafy greens in our meals as well as their nutritional facts. What’s not to love when you can learn some English and boost your health-related knowledge at the same time?

Let’s dive in.


15 health benefits of water spinach for skin, hair and health 

16 healthy leafy greens & their nutrition benefits

Basil: Nutrition, health benefits, uses and more

The 13 healthiest leafy green vegetables

The health benefits of cilantro (coriander)

Top 5 health benefits of celery

Top 14 health benefits of broccoli


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