IELTS Reading: Matching Features

Apr 16, 2020 | IELTS READING


Source: Cambridge IELTS 11, Test 1 – Reading, Passage 3, Questions 37 – 40

Source: Cambridge IELTS 11, Test 2 – Reading, Passage 1, Questions 5 – 8


  1. Read the instruction => check if any option can be used more than once
  2. Look at the option list => scan and highlight them in the passage
  3. Carefully read the statements => mark the key words
  4. Read around the first item (A) you have marked in the passage and compare that with the statements
  5. Repeat step 4 for the other items


  • The items in the box usually follow the passage order, but the statements are in random
  • The items may appear more than once in the passage, so find them all.


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